Submissions for JORTSFEST 2016 now open!


HAPPY FIRST DAY OF SPRING! JORTSFEST is looking for performers to play and artists/organizations to table at our festival in August.

Apply to play JORTSFEST 2016 by filling out this form:

Apply to table at JORTSFEST 2016 by filling out this form:

Applications to play the event close on Monday, June 13th. Applications to table at the event close on Saturday, August 6th.

[Image Description: Comic by Anne Emond. Girl with wild black hair wearing jorts, running with flowers in her hands, states in two speech bubbles: “CUT YOUR JEANS INTO SHORTS, DRINK YOUR BEER WITH A LEMON SLICE AT 2PM, TAKE OFF YOUR SOCKS AND SLIP ON YOUR FILTHY WHITE KEDS!!!” “IT’S FUCKING SPRING!”. Woman pushing a baby in a stroller states in a speech bubble: “WELL, I NEVER” and a man beside the woman says: “IT’S ACTUALLY STILL RATHER CHILLY..”]

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